House Keeping Services

We as a company provide the most appropriate solutions to housekeeping needs. Our team members take it as a task and challenge to provide superior quality results by using best methods, accessories, equipments and support personnel's commencing from the general cleaning activities, the service also involves taking care of the property, and ensuring its maintenance, proper use and appearance.

We hold expertise in meeting the demands of providing housekeeping & cleaning services for establishments like office campus, corporate office, industries, hospitals, hotels, cinema halls, educational and cultural institutions, shopping malls, industries and commercial complexes. Delivered under the supervision of trained personnel, we strive to create a working environment that strives towards exceeding our client's needs.

Our Housekeeping Services includes Office premises and living rooms Under this, we offer services of cleaning, dusting & vacuuming of office premises as well as living rooms. The services in detail includes:

  • Dusting of windowsills, ledges & clean window glasses, partitions etc
  • Dusting
  • Removing cobwebs
  • Dusting of furniture, wood work, shelves and base boards
  • Vacuuming of furniture including under seat cushions
  • Cleaning all telephones, intercoms & light switches
  • Clean ashtrays & wastebaskets
  • Moping & cleaning of floors
  • Vacuuming of carpets & wash tile floors
  • Daily sweeping of roads in the complex
  • Clearing garbage
  • We provide housekeeping services for corporate office, Office campus, Industries, IT Industries, Institutes and Commercial Complex by latest methods and well-trained housekeeping technical persons for a pleasant working environment.

    Housekeeping is nowadays gaining prominence. Today, housekeeping is not looked at merely as a back-of the-house area. The housekeepers of today function as a vibrant voice of the property. Housekeeping today demands skilled specializations, which superior results. “Outsourcing proves to be highly cost-effective, makes better business sense”.

    Professional Cleaning services and related maintenance services by latest methods in the premises include management of housekeeping staff, cleanliness scheduling, inspection, evaluation and reporting. House keeping services for corporate office, Office campus, Industries, IT Industries, Institutes and Commercial Complex by Latest Methods and well trained House keeping Technical Persons with pleasant Working Environment.

    House Keeping services is maintained with all cleaning & sanitizing consumable material like hand wash soap, phenyl, urinal cubes, room spray, Glass cleaner, brasso & silvo polishing liquid, soap oil cleaning powder, Brooms, Cleaning cloths, mop stick, cotton waste, mop cloth, glass cloth, brushes, ordinal and Other Cleaning items. House keeping services can be rendered as one time cleaning, monthly cleaning or Daily cleaning on annual contract.